Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Moving Up

Well, this blog has served me well for the past nine months, but it is time to move up to a site that will allow me more flexibility in my writing, marketing and publishing.  All previous blogs have been imported and are now available on ardisanelson.com/makingmebold/.

Please check out my new site at ardisanelson.com.  I can be contacted at info@ardisanelson.com.

Ardis Nelson
June 19, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time for a Power Lunch

Yesterday I had what I can only term a “Power Lunch” with a friend whom I haven’t connected with for a few years.  Our “Power Lunch” wasn’t the kind of lunch where high stakes corporate mergers are born.  It was the kind of meeting where life transformation is discussed, tears are shed and dreams are shared.  It lasted over four hours!
My friend and I have run into each other at women’s retreats and commit to connecting for some one-on-one time, but for whatever reason, we didn’t get a date on the calendar.  As the date for this commitment approached last week, my anxiety seemed to rise on how I was going to get everything done.  And this commitment came close to being cancelled.  Thankfully that didn’t happen.
Waiting for a table at the restaurant seemed to take forever.  When the time came to seat us, my friend asked for a table in a quiet area (away from the group of noisy kids just seated).  I knew this was going to be some good quality time.  After we ordered lunch, we fell into a natural routine of sharing what God was doing in our lives.  It was like we never parted.
Our relationship goes back to the first day I walked into a Celebrate Recovery meeting, eight years ago this week.  I was drawn to her warmth, vulnerability and sense of humor.  She made a lasting favorable impression on me.  I’m sure she was one of the influencing factors that helped me to overcome my uneasiness and skepticism on whether to return to those first meetings.
What is interesting is that on the surface, we didn’t seem to have anything in common.  Our recovery issues were very different.  But since my work addiction landed me in recovery, I attended the breakout group for addictive behaviors.  I met some very interesting people—whom I still consider friends.  They were some of the core women who started my accountability and support team.  And they were just what I needed to foster my relationship with God.
That was a very difficult time in my life.  I was learning to let down the wall around my heart and let people see the real me.  It was risky, but worth the effort as I started to feel loved and accepted for who I was and not what I did.  It was where my love for God moved from my head to my heart.
Eight years later, my friend and I both marveled at what God has done in our lives and how He is using us in our spheres of influence.  I won’t soon forget her words of exhortation and grace as we parted company.  They were a life-giving gift and confirmation of the transformation that God has done in me this past year.
 I am incredibly grateful to God for this season of growth.  And yesterday I was reminded how blessed I am for the life-giving relationships I’ve sowed along the way.
When was the last time you had a “Power Lunch” and who was it with?  Who has God placed on your heart to connect with lately?  What is stopping you?